Monday, May 17, 2010

A is for...

See, I haven't totally forgotten, but life has sped up a bit and blogging isn't always the top priority. At least, not blogging for myself; blogging for my clients remains a pretty big deal.

Notice that? The plural on "clients" there? That's right; my tiny little freelance gig has blossomed into a company. I now have 3 clients - brands that have hired me to bring them into the social media space. Pretty neat.

Things are looking up, Economy 2.0. This tiny eek-by loose-change moonlighting stint might actually be the best choice I've ever made. Who knew? Maybe we all did.

After all, social media is an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional publicity or advertising. Brands that budgeted hundreds of thousands for traditional PR and advertising are wondering just what a fraction of the cost could get them on Twitter or Facebook.

Media impressions are one thing (and a good thing, don't get me wrong) - but media impressions don't compare with true brand engagement. It's like reading a book versus writing a paper on it; one gives you a blazing red A and some uptight dudes, another gives you Hester Prynne, the bastard Pearl, goody-goody Goodies, and some pretty damn modern thoughts on judgement, humanism and the steamrolling power (and spiritual irrelevance) of mass-minded morality. One you vaguely recall, the other you whole-heartedly remember.

Money well-spent, I suppose. And so now I cheat on my own blog with the blogs of others. Interesting. What was that about adultery? Where's my alphabet placard?

Tweet me a scarlet letter, then; at least I'm getting paid.

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